Welcome to the music section! I play flute and guitar. I also sing (reluctantly). My music is a mix of bluesy, folksy and North-Indian classical stuff. Give it a listen and send me a note about what you think of it!

Recent stuff: I force myself to record now and then just so all my jamming doesn't go to waste

Cosmic Conspiracy
mp3 lyrics (June 2008)
This is a cute song about how some people are just meant to be :)
Dolores Park
mp3 video lyrics (May 2008)
This is the saddest and best song I have written.
Get Out of My Head
mp3 video lyrics (May 2008)
This is a cute little song with a slightly reggae beat to it. You know how sometimes you like a person who is not near you and all you can do is talk or chat with them... and you build up their whole personality in your head? Yeah, that's a terrible thing to do because that person will never match your expectation. The song is about bypassing that suckiness by having the person be within touching distance.
All I Need
video lyrics (May 2008)
A soft, somewhat Latin feeling song. This and other recent songs like "Get Out of My Head" and "Dolores Park" are rough versions of songs that will make up my second album... "We Cannot Be". It's about 6 songs deep at the moment!

Bollywood Covers:
Ajeeb Dastan
mp3 video (February 2008)
Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai
mp3 video (May 2008)

I wonder why I haven't done Bollywood covers/interpretations before... they are quite fun.
Hmm Jam
mp3 video (May 2008)
Sam and I only get our act together when we are on camera ;) This is a pretty much on-the-fly, improvised jam.
No Not I
mp3 video (March 2008)
Here is an introspective and kind of groovy solo guitar piece in dropped D tuning. This is also the first recording ever on my new M-Audio Solaris microphone which I'm quite pleased with.

My Favourite Things
mp3 (February 2008)

Here's my very first crack at this classic song from the movie Sound of Music. I am more inspired by the various interpretations of this song by John Coltrane. The first time I heard the version with Mccoy Tyner I think I left it playing all night long even as I slept. Sure enough I got a complaint from my neighbour the next day. Yikes! I hope to do a bunch more versions. (dedicated to my newly born bundle of cuteness nephew - Vivaan)
Life by One Live!

Sing Again               "..Tea for Two"       "..Weird Name"
I've been YouTubing it up with guitar + vocal performances of songs from Life By One. Changing the songs around is hugely fun. My YouTube channel is
YouTube with Sam!!

J'attendrai              Getting Colder       Turtle Turtle
Sam Hart is an incredibly amazing singer and musician. He's also a most excellent friend. I feature in some of his brilliant YouTube performances. His Youtube channel is
Trust me, you want to hear all his stuff.

Audio tracks from YouTube videos
Ajeeb Dastan
Sing Again
A Cup of Tea for Two
Blue Monk
Girl With a Weird Name
with Sam Hart

J'Attendrai alt. take
Getting Colder
Turtle Turtle

Here are the audio tracks from my Youtube videos for your kind iPod listening :) As a bonus I'll chuck in the audios for songs I've done with Sam too!

Jam with Sam (May 2007)

This is Sam playing some sort of flute instrument on the keyboards and me basically playing the same notes again and again on guitar. We were just messing around... whaddup.
Really old stuff!!

Song of the Forgotten Valley mp3 (2002)
Ode to the Mountain mp3 (2002)
Sunday mp3 (2002)
Freedom - mp3 lyrics (2000)
Ride On Your Soul mp3 (2002)

I opened a treasure chest (an old hard drive inside Mr. Harold Paul's computer)... out came five of my first ever guitar recordings dating back to 2000! Here they are in all their glory. Hah! I can't believe I used to record under the name "Shalster".
Clouds (Vaadal Vaadal)
This is a Gujarati folk song that my mum used to sing when we were kids. It's a song addressing clouds about rain and how much fun it is to play in it. I'm trying an interpretation on flute and guitar. Here's a first rough sketch with more to come.
Take Five
take one  take two
I'm going to do multiple takes of this great Dave Brubeck classic and attempt different styles each time.
Take One: A first attempt played on my awesome Eastman El Rey 2 guitar.
Take Two: Recorded in India with my trusty old Givson GS 1000
Lover And His Muse
mp3 lyrics (September 2007)

I first recorded a rough version of this song over a year ago!! Finally got around to "finishing" it. That's right, I'm never happy with them, but I do run out of time and patience :) More importantly, this marks the end of recording for my first ever album "Life By One". All 10-11 tracks are primed and ready for packaging! Yay!
Girl With Short Hair
lyrics (August 2007)
This one is inspired by girls with short hair... ala Meg Ryan from "You've Got Mail". Say what you will, that's what I like! As a side note I faltered again and wrote too many words per line. I'm happy with the flute solo's trumpet like opening bit and I love the completely insane 5 part harmony on "be"

J'Attendrai (I will wait)
mp3 (August 2007)

Still a work in progress. But I really love Quintette du Hot Club de France's interpretation of this old French song. I couldn't help but share my first attempt at playing it. Here's a link to the inspirational performance.

mp3 (June 2007)

This song is for my friend who is slogging hard through the midnight hours and needs background music :) "MidnightSlogDog" is her term for herself. This is a very very simple song. I'm basically playing whatever I feel like on the flute over a 3 chord rythm.

Call Me When You're Drunk
mp3 lyrics (May 2007)
This is the story of a spineless loser on the run from a fire-breathing dragon of a girlfriend. It's entirely fictional so all of you who actually call me when you are drunk please continue to do so, I love it :)
I Think About You All the Time
mp3 lyrics (May 2007)
No dedications this time around! I like the swaying/swinging feel on the simple chord progression. It's a bit on the wordy side but fun to sing all the same.
Cows On My Mind
mp3 (April 2007)
An instrumental jam over some two-chord vamps. As I was playing the leading track on this song, my mind kept on producing images of stupid fat cows grazing away. The banality of that scene helped me concentrate on the playing and make fewer mistakes. Yup, weird.
A Cup of Tea for Two
mp3 lyrics (April 2007)
This song is about my dear friend who leaves me feeling awesome every time I meet her.
Where Do You and I Go
mp3 lyrics (March 2007)
I wrote this one back in September of 2006 when I was jamming with my old band-mates in India. Finished it up and recorded it 6 months later :)
Water Bottle Pal
mp3 lyrics (December 2006)
Not much of a song. More like a middle of the night songlette.
Sing Again
mp3 lyrics (July 2006)
This is a get-well-soon song for a friend of a friend of a friend.
mp3 lyrics (June 2006)
This song is dedicated to a special friend with a May birthday. You know who you are ;)
Life By One
mp3 (May 2006)
All instrumental, all acoustic, six minute spell of self-indulgence.
Not Gonna Be Me                        
lyrics (Mar 2006)
Man, the guitar solo on this one nearly made my fingers bleed, and I'm still not happy with it!!! But it has a lot of promise and this song is fun to sing.
Save My Soul                             
mp3 lyrics (Mar 2006)
Hippie music all the way. Not bad for a night's recording.
Solemn Sea                               
lyrics (Feb 2006)
I am incapable of producing anything other than hippie music... second song in as many days! Also, more singing on this one!
Girl With a Weird Name               
mp3 lyrics chords (Feb 2006)
Singing attempt. Recorded in like 5 hours after a ridiculous number of takes on the vocals :)
The Language of You                          
mp3 (Jan 2006)
I got home one Sunday, sat down and started playing this. I put the mic next to the amp, hit record. Nice, simple song done entirely in 15 minutes - just the way it should be!
You'll Always Be                                
mp3 (Aug 2005)
This was a rather heart-felt recording at 2:00 a.m. one morning. Its got mistakes and all but I do like that its got a lot of feeling! Not dedicated to anyone in particular, but I guess I was in "one of those moods"

Older stuff: Listen with a grain of salt! Some of this stuff is solely provided here for amusement.

mp3 (Sep 2003)

Street Life Blues

Sand Castles

Aim for Al

The Gates

mp3 (2002)

Performed for a sound recording assignment. A guitar track and then flute solo on top.

This is me singing!! A super short recording with Souvik Ray who is playing guitar. We penned the words quickly and recorded this in like 5 minutes.

A sweet little song... I should add some flute to this.

Back when I first heard Al Dimeola tearing it up on an acoustic guitar I got super inspired to play this.

This is a piece I've been kicking around for a while. "Gates" and "Psychomachy" are two of many parts of a Dropped D tuning epic song! I really like the folk-songish strummed nature of Psychomachy.

Indian Classical Flute Recitals:

Raag Durga (Dec 2002) Alaap Madhya Dhrut

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