Half Moon Bay

One fine January afternoon... Sam, Liza and I went to Half Moon Bay. We took silly pictures, soaked in the sights, skipped stones on the waves and had a fun time. We listened to Ace of Base, Britney, Savage Garden and Justin Timberlake. Sam could sing every single song word for word.


Sam and Liza

Sam and Liza

Sam eats Liza

Sam and I are rockstars. This is our first album's cover picture.

This is our album's inlay picture

I'm climbing 3 feet above sea level :)

Liza and I do the Savage Garden sign...

... then Liza kicks the crap out of me!

Sam and Liza climb a rock repeatedly

This is our cool tall-shadows pic. I apologize for Sam's totally inappropriate shadow

Sam and Liza, as the sun sets on Half Moon Bay


The End.