Mr. Gray Goes to Monterey

July 2006



Christine and Mr.Gray

Josh, Salim, Allison, Kyle, Shalin, Jimmy, Seema, Dave, Kevin and...

... Mela (who was in the bathroom while the previous picture was taken)

Josh, Jimmy and Seema doing the locomotion
Pretty Monterey
Mr.Gray and Christine


We often stand around in circles and pretend to plan things

More planning...
Dave moves in for the kill,
Allison opines from a window,
Salim perches himself on an SUV,
and Josh watches from as far as possible

Doing the locomotion as we return home

Jimmy watches in amazement as...

... an Indian family washes its children

and now, what we've all been waiting for...

My Josh Taylor Shrine!!



"We're done here, people" - Jimmy Jawa