Trek from Manali to Chandertaal, 2001

5 friends, 9 days, two 14000 feet ascents, 1 crazy guide, 1 maniacal cook and "Bodhi" the intern who washed dishes in subzero temperatures with blistering winds while the rest got drunk on questionnable rustic spirits...
and all he had to say after it all was "Aur kya zindagani hai!".


Hidimba temple in Manali (Shalin, Rahul and Pilak in the bottom left)

Rahul fooling around before the trip
More Rahul fooling around... he does a lot of that.
I show preparedness in the face of a floundering Rahul
Parasailing in Manali!
Thats me on some guy's crotch, hanging on for dear life
Jivesh lands!! Always makes a big entry!
Jivesh says BAH! before starting off
Jivesh crashes after the first session of trekking

(those were the most disghusting sandwiches ever, and we ate them like nothing in the world tasted better.)
The misty mountains portend impending DOOM!
Jivesh oscillates between REST and READY
Pilak and Jivesh at the end of the first day (Day 1 of 9)
This little doggie followed us along for the most part

Rahul tries to fly

Rahul's listening to a walkman - yes, it was those many years ago
Jivesh, Munjal and I rest after the first day. (all these pictures are couresy Mr Munjal Rangwala)
HAMTA PASS! 14,000 feet
Just as we got closer, the weather turned bad!
Not an easy ascent!
Finally at the top of the pass. Too tired to move, dead if you don't.
The campsite after the hardest part. Day 3 ends
Gujju Dhoklas put a tent together
Pilak objects as Shalin urinates
Leaving Hamta pass
The lads on a ledge and recovered from Hamta on Day 4
Scary mountains turned surreal with fresh snowfall (Day 6)
Striking a pose, one of fatigue
Pilak rejoices at the first sight of manmade road after a week in the wild
But we bypass civilization, for heaven awaits
I have never seen a prettier sky than I saw on the way to Chandertaal

Chandertaal or Moon Lake

What is wrong with this picture? Two words: Wardrobe Malfunction
Rahul's yellow streak hair
The maniacal cook(round goggles) and crazy guide (green bandana)
I hope we can do this again.