Gog Happens!

June 2006


This is Gogs, he gets to eat two plates of "Sev Puri" because it's his birthday!

This is Sam, he was in the bollywood film "Lagaan"

This is my crotch (the things I do to get these pictures!)

Welcome to our story...
A little double nipple-twist broke the ice

Gogs soared
Sam ran wild
Many tales were told...

... and many kisses were blown.

Suicidal people found comfort in dangerous cliffs

... and life was toyed with
Gogs played Jesus

We learnt a lesson about perspective...

... and about scale

The Sunset Jam
Gogs and Sam set the mood

Gog plays it pretty in the warm evening light
Sam and Audrey

Heaven is probably like this...

Sam is half ninja, half ballerina

Gaurav found peace

... and just like that, he disappeared
Sam rides a whale!
Bye now... Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff.